Is There Anything Better Than a Tented Wedding?

When I first started my career in the wedding industry, I had no clue about tented weddings, and to be honest, I thought there were only barn and hotel weddings. I was fortunate enough to find a mentor who loved the architecture, style, and the life of a tent! I learned that a tent on a piece of land is its own entity that awakens with the sun. Its tall metal poles stretch the sailcloth fabric as it breathes in, and out, into the nightfall.

For me, as a planner and a designer, doing a tented wedding on a private property such the Taplin Hill Farm-with its rolling hills, lush landscape, and the majestic beauty that surrounds this stunning private estate-is an experience that is both, humbling, and magical. The tent that you choose will rise, standing tall and proud, and create a space that will have an impact on every guest that walks into it.

So how do you know if a tent and rolling hills are right for you? Having a tented wedding is unlike anything you could ever imagine, and there are some risks involved in it. For instance, anyone who says you are entirely safe in a tent during a lightning storm is wrong (since its a tall outdoor structure with metal or wood poles!). Thunderstorms come and go, and they are a risk I am always willing to take. Sometimes it means sending everyone back inside, or jumping on a bus for 15-minutes to stay safe and keep the party going with a glass of bubbly! That is the only con to a tent for me.

There are many pros to a tent wedding. For starters, you have a clean palette, in which you can do anything. The stunning white of the sailcloth also plays well with a variety of options, from glamorous lighting to suspended floral, it is all there-just waiting, and saying “hang pretty things in my space.”

Secondly, there is not one type of tent-but instead, a variety of tents in different shapes and styles-depending upon your personality, guest count, time of year, and style preferences. Each tent is designed to fit the needs of what you want to accomplish; from the size of the dance floor to how many tables, chairs and functional elements you need in the space. You can go toes in the grass, or a full wood floor! It is all there just waiting for you to make a choice. 

With stunning views of sunsets at your back, and gentle breezes, who can say no to a tent on a property such as Taplin Hill Farm.

- Jaclyn Watson Events

Kent Gregoire